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This uniquely designed and engineered wall and bracing system has been created to maximize the strength of steel and the technology of the 21st Century. New advancements in design and engineering have made Titan Steel components even better than anyone could imagine, giving the customer an unparalleled product that they will enjoy for many years to come. Titan Steel comes with a LifeTime Warranty with can be transferred to one additional home owner.



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Alpha Advantage Shield Technology

Introducing the “New Standard” in Steel Building Materials

What is it? A proprietary clear coat that contains thermosetting properties that when applied on top of Only Alpha Pool Products highly galvanized steel components, is designed to enhance corrosion resistance extending the longevity of our building materials.

Real Results

Independent engineers conducted a side-by-side comparison test of Only Alpha Pool Products’ steel panels and the industry-wide steel panels. They found our competitors’ panels ended up with 70% white rust while the Alpha Advantage Shield protected the panels attributing only 5% over the same period of time.

Titan Steel | Alpha Shield

One of our Many Industry Exclusive Technologies:

Self Piercing Riveting Technology – SPERT

Utilizing the same technology as high-end automobile manufacturers, such as Jaguar, BMW, and Audi, Only Alpha Pool Products uses a rivet to join all flanges and radii on our panels. If “SPERT” technology is advanced enough to hold the body of a car together, it can certainly hold swimming pool walls together!

What Does This Do For A Pool?

Our competition’s cheap, out-of-date clinch/toggle loc can fail not only during installation, but also long after, breaking down the entire structural integrity of the wall system; especially radius panels over time. We are so confident that our SPERT technology will not fail that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against failure.

Titan Steel | SPERT Tech


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