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Never worry about your Pool’s Maintenance schedule again!

With our Worry-Free Maintenance Service you’re covered all Summer with weekly on-site water testing, chemicals, and cleaning. Fill out the form to get in contact and start you and your pool’s journey to a worry free pool!

What We Do:  Maintain your pool every week, all summer long!

What You Do:  Come home to a clean, well balanced pool!

“I’m in, what do I need to do next!”  Your pool must be within 10 miles of Mankato.  Your pool must be clean and clear before the program starts, we can help! 

Check-out our Spring Clean and Clear Program if you’d like us to come out and take care of it all.  Give us a call today to get on our schedule! 

What’s included with the Worry Free Pool Program?

  • Pro Pool Opening and Opening Chemicals
  • Weekly Maintenance (16 weeks)
    • Check water level
    • Check pool water chemistry
    • Record water chemistry
    • Add chemicals as needed (summer chemicals delivered at opening)
    • Empty skimmer baskets
    • Empty pump basket
    • Check filter pressure, backwash if needed
    • Clean automatic pool cleaner 
    • Vacuum pool
  • Summer Chemicals
    • Liquid Chlorine (5 gallon jugs, 2 added at opening)
    • Hassle Free Start-up and Closing Kits (2 per opening/closing)
    • ProTeam Supreme Plus Start-up (3 buckets) 
    • ProTeam 3” HighTech Chlorine Tabs (2 buckets, 25 Lbs each)
    • ProTeam PowerMagic Shock  (2 buckets, 25 Lbs each)
    • ProTeam Polyquat 60 Algaecide (2 bottles)
    • ProTeam Microfloc Clarifier (2 bottles)
    • ProTeam PH up/down (included as needed with maintenance program)
  • Pool Closing and Closing Chemicals

What’s not included:  High bather loads, extreme heat (weather or very warm pool water) may require more attention from us or you to maintain clear water.  If you’d like additional service or chemicals added beyond your weekly service we can schedule additional appointments as needed at $130 per hour, billed at half-hour increments.  Certain chemicals may be unique to your pool, these can be purchased and we will add if needed; calcium hardness increaser/decreaser, metal control, aqua finesse, Revive, etc. 


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